Search Engine Optimization Do and Don’ts – Part 2 of 2

There’s a great need for even the so-called experts to develop better SEO skills and knowledge. Many of the supposedly “good” SEO tactics when employed will actually get you penalized by the search engines. Here are a few more tips in this two-part series to get you on the right SEO road:


Do Keep a Uniform URL Structure.

You need to modify the URL structure of you web pages when presenting a dynamic site. Maintaining a uniform approach allows for easier indexing by those pesky crawling spiders. It is relatively easy to maintain URL structure in dynamic sites especially using platforms like WordPress which provides permalink options. Otherwise, use a URL rewrite in the .htaccess file.

Don’t Link with Poor Quality Websites.

It is a critical aspect concerning correct search engine optimization (SEO) efforts you include incoming links from very popular sites in your quest to raise your own ranking. Newbies seem to either fail to do this or do not recognize the importance having links from authoritative sites. Linking to poor quality or extremely unpopular sites can cause a loss or lack of credibility and could, indeed, get you banned by some engines.


Do Complete a Competition Keyword Report.

Visit competing websites ranking on the top results page to gain the answers to these questions: What is the number of sites using the same keyword? Can you determine the age of the sites appearing in the top results? What is the number of backlinks found in top-ranking sites? Do these sites use social media?


Do Create New Content Regularly.

Never ever use duplicate copy because search engines will penalize you severely. If you buy fresh content from an outsource, make sure it passes a plagiarism check such as Copyscape. Adding fresh, relevant and useful content regularly helps attract visitors and build credibility with search engines.


Do Use Google Analytics.

Web analytics gained a great deal of use in 2009. Google developed advance metrics combined with intelligence reports that energized free analytic tools. Use these in 2010 to build a plan for increasing site traffic and conversion rates.

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Author: Demetrius Pinder

Owner and Project Manager of Nuts and Bolts Web Design. Computing Support Specialist II at the University of Delaware. Adjunct Professor. Proud Husband, Father and dog owner!