About Us

Demetrius Pinder

Demetrius Pinder


My name is Demetrius Pinder and I am the owner/project manager of Nuts and Bolts Web Design. I LOVE creating websites for businesses and non-profits. Not only can I help you increase traffic to your website, I can help you save time and money during the process!

Nuts and Bolts Web Design was created to fill the need for an accessible and professional yet down to earth web design solutions. The team at NABWD will take your information from day one, confirming your needs and following through.

We specialize in creating website’s that require frequent updating by the owner. That’s right; we can create a site made to be updated by you by simply logging in. This means no updating costs to change a sentence or a paragraph. We put YOU in control.

No project/business is too small for us to take care of. Whether you’re a top shelf company, residing in a roomy loft downtown or a local band looking for more exposure online than a free Internet account can offer, we can tailor your site to feature anything from movie clips, photo galleries or music samples. Need database support for your product driven business? No problem, Nuts and Bolts Web Design utilizes multiple web technology to meet and exceed your needs!

With Nuts and Bolts Web Design, you get top of the line design AND functionality—all at fair prices!

Simply put, we’re not done until you’re satisfied.
Questions? You can contact me directly.

How We Work

Once we get your info from our Quote Request form, we take the info and arrange a call and meeting to discuss your website goals.
We primarily use WordPress for our websites. Each Website we create is given 2-3 website layout options, starting with the Home page. Once the Home page is approved, we create 2-5 subpages for your approval. Then we start the Programming/Development phases. Projects are managed using our internal Project Managment system E-mail, Trello.com or ProjectManager.com, keeping you in the loop.
Once your website is launched, you have to option of hiring NABWD.com to keep it maintained, or you can maintain the site on your own. Maintenance packages are $150 – $295 /month. Search Engine Marketing / Optimization packages range from $300 – $1000 /month.