Search Engine Optimization Do and Don’ts – Part 1 of 2


Unfortunately, there’s a great lack of SEO skills and knowledge floating about. Hopefully, it isn’t contagious because there are some supposedly “good” SEO tactics that when employed will actually get you banned from search engine indexing. Here are a few tips to get you on the appropriate SEO path:

Never Use Flash for SEO Purposes.

Search engines cannot read and index this type of content. Avoid creating a Flash-only site because the search engine spiders will ignore it. If you have to use Flash, use it sparingly, for example, in the header of your website or to call attention to an offer. You should also offer an HMTL version.

Don’t Use a Lot of JavaScript.

JavaScript code also cannot be read by searchbots. Unfortunately, even a few lines of code may compel the search engine spiders to ignore the entire text block where the snippet is located. Search engines ignore JavaScript menus. If you must use JavaScript, place it on the server as an external file.

Do use a Robots.txt File.

Webmasters can gain complete control concerning how data is indexed by search engines through use of a robots.txt file. Also, using a robots.txt file will allow you to deny access to pages you do not want indexed. The file must be placed in the website root folder.

Do Target the Right Keywords.

One of the more common mistakes made by Internet marketers is targeting the wrong keywords, choosing ones that are believed to be associated with a website but actually are not employed by an average search engine user. Choosing the appropriate keywords will help increase traffic to your site. Make use of a keyword selection tool such as the one provided by Google as part of your successful SEO campaign.

Do Use Long Tail Keywords.

There are millions of websites struggling to compete for short search terms. This competition is extremely tough and can take more than six months of hard enacted SEO efforts to get ranked even in the tip 20 for short keywords chosen. Use long tail keywords where you can include product names or event use geographic-centric phrases along with short terms like tampagoldfish. You will find it much easier to gain higher ranking using long tail keywords.

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Author: Demetrius Pinder

Owner and Project Manager of Nuts and Bolts Web Design. Computing Support Specialist II at the University of Delaware. Adjunct Professor. Proud Husband, Father and dog owner!