Featured client- K. Scott Jewelers

K. Scott Jewelers is owned and operated by Ken Scott, a GIA trained jeweler with over 25 years of industry experience. Ken Scott and his knowledgeable staff of customer-focused professionals have been meeting the needs of loyal patrons in the tri-state area for over two decades.

I first met Ken Scott of K. Scott Jewelers in November of 2007, 1 month before the holiday season, a very busy time for his business. Never venturing onto the web before we met, Ken was a little hesitant about putting his business on the web. Ken has a keen sense of understanding of Marketing and after I explained all the benefits of having a website (push specials, E-Commerce, give customers an inside look at his business history, etc), he was excited to get started.

Website Features & Technologies Used for

  • WordPress site
  • Custom Sliders

You can visit K. Scott Jewelers at:

1855 Pulaski Highway , Sunset Station, Bear DE 19701
Tel: (302) 836-9745

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Design basics of a good website

Since I am a website designer, I am also often asked what makes for a good website design. Think about it for a second, especially if you either are looking to build your own site or find someone who actually knows how. When you visit a site and find that you are staying for awhile, how come? The number one factor that keeps visitors on a site is accessibility.

As web design developed throughout the 90s and early turn of the century, both Netscape and Explorer had many people convinced that these were the only browsers that would view pages properly. In many instances, web designers lured by the supposed popularity of these two browsers had to embed on their pages somewhere the admonishment, “These Pages Are Best Viewed in Either Netscape or Explorer.”

Fast forward to 2010.

As long as you employ standard  HTML (we’re on version 4–soon version 5), you should have no problems with any browsers.

Furthermore, a good website provides a service to any visitor by giving something away, even if it is but a good time reading content on your landing page. I always enjoy reading copy that makes me chuckle. Some web content writers have that ability to grab visitors and while entertaining them provide valuable information. Information is the most popular giveaway on the Internet today. Other sites might provide valuable advice or some type of free product like software, a game or other commodity that will entice people to show up.

Never charge for admission to your website. Not only is it arrogant, the prevailing feeling is that the Internet should remain a free range for the exchange of information. It’s one thing to create an e-commerce site to sell goods and service, but, wait a minute, you want to charge me to visit your site.

Additionally, a great deal of what actually makes a good website comes down to common sense. Many site owners in attempts to keep production costs to a minimum, overlook the most manageable aspects about website presentation that do make a difference. These overlooked areas include:

  • Lack of original content
  • Overuse of data instead of information
  • Inability to provide credible and useful information
  • Obsolete or dated information – lack of frequent updates
  • Presence of poorly written copy
  • Presence of typos indicating poor editing
  • Over use of external links
  • Overuse of graphics and Flash elements
  • Non-intuitive internal navigation

As you can readily see, much that can be controlled is content. Although many visitors to a website might say, “Wow. What cool graphics. Check out the Flash!,” these sites confuse appearance with substance. In fact, recent interviews at, web designers stated that Flash is definitely abused because many people will misuse it because design clients think it is cool and creative when, in actuality, it is often inappropriate as well as extremely annoying.

How often do you hit the “Skip Intro” button when landing on a Flash Intro page? Information should always reign over the bells and whistles accompanying cool-looking Flash. Make it easier on your website visitors by creating a website that’s easy to navigate, loads quickly and is aesthetically pleasing.

Use More than Just Your Brain to Choose a Domain Name

Purchase your domain name through Nuts and Bolts Web Design for $14.99/yr.

Thousands of articles have been written about marketing – both online and off.  None have offered a 100 percent for “dummies only” process that anyone could easily follow and implement correctly. Many overlook the most profound and fundamental SEO technique that sets you apart from other site owners who overlook this step – choosing a good domain name.

What’s in a Name?

Hey – this is an important step on your road to millions. (Visualize the mansion, cars, planes, boats, etc.) Don’t worry if it takes a while to arrive at the right domain name and, do not attempt going it alone. Have a conference. Invite your peeps and your peeps’ peeps. Have a kegger and the only entry ticket is people have to contribute a suggestion for a killer domain name. Use what your friends and relatives throw up on the wall looking to see if any stick.

Go Generic

Place your primary keyword in a generic-based domain name so if, for example, you are selling pets in San Francisco, try or Choosing a generic name will fulfill two purposes:

  • It attracts a more focused targeted audience. Targeted audiences produce greater conversion rates that allows you to make better use of the traffic you do get.
  • Generic domain names using primary keywords help induce higher search engine ranking.

Creativity May Be The Key

There are so many domain names on the Internet today that you may have to crank up a little more creative process so you can use your keywords in your choice. Let’s say, for example, SanFranciscoPets. com is taken already – play around with a number of different versions. Try, for instance, or Keep in mind you can use hyphens in your choice of domain names. This may allow you the opportunity to always use a keyword and, an important point, allows use of the much preferred suffix, .com. Always use .com because 99 percent of searchers will type it in even if presented by a search engine with a different suffix.

Purchase your domain name through Nuts and Bolts Web Design for $14.99/yr.

Cascading Style Sheets Offer Greater Control

Since 1994, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have slowly been becoming the predominant method for styling all types of website pages. It is now acclaimed as the best method for controlling typography and layout throughout a website. Although CSS seems to be the most efficient, user-friendly, web page editing option available today, many people still resist its use failing to understand the benefits from using CSS language.

There are a number of good reasons you as a designer should use CSS including:

  1. CSS was built by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to replace the cumbersome use of inline HTML tables, frames, tags and other mechanisms that led to some confusion and a lot of excess coding.
  2. CSS produces faster download times because page files are 50 percent less the size than a traditionally built HTML page.
  3. Shorter editing time is involved when one CSS file can control the look of hundreds of web pages.
  4. Here’s one of the absolutely best reasons to use CSS – controlling typography. No need ever again to use a font tag which actually was very cumbersome. With CSS, designers have complete control of faces, sizes, weight, leading, line height, colors and much more making for exciting and endlessly variable use of type.
  5. CSS is easy to use – just as easy as HTML coding. It allows for an intuitive approach to creating edited elements plus.
  6. CSS improves a website’s accessibility. There is no need to create separate HTML coded tags for different effects. Therefore, all <p> tags simply indicate a paragraph and all the headline tags will denote the specific headline called for in each instance. This helps to cut down on the need for separate browser coding.
  7. CSS works in cross-platforms as well as used not only for web browsers but in other media like a Power Point presentation.
  8. Placement – actual alignment on a page – is in better control using CSS.
  9. Web page design can be kept spate from content using CSS. Image elements that repeat can be held in a file called for in various positions throughout the site through CSS use. This system allows for different contributors to follow a set methodology that is user-friendly.
  10. CSS helps sites attain better search engine rankings. Once you use HTML for structuring just content in a web page instead of putting in a bunch of tags everywhere, the search engine spiders will crawl your pages effectively and more than likely grant a higher ranking.

    Control, control and more control remains the key benefit from CSS use. It provides a greater degree of options controlling the look and the feel of each web page. Plus, organization is at a maximum when using one file to control many. CSS allows for greater speed and adaptability when updating websites especially when changing complete sections like a header or footer. In the past, coding these requires installation on each and every page. CSS allows a designer the ability to replace or move elements by the simple change on one page.

    Ten Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Link Your Info – Provide links to valuable information. This can be to other articles or pages within your own site. The more intuitive links used, the better the search engines find that you provide value to people coming to your site. If all your links are just on your home page, this indicates to the search engine that the site has little value. Here is an example of a deep link leading to an information article about domain names.

    State it Boldly – Use the <b></b> or <strong></strong> tags around one or two appearances of keywords on the page. Do not bold every occurrence of each keyword.

    Become International. Obtain a foreign URL in places like the United Kingdom and Australia. Each of these countries has a ton of website directories of companies based there. You can direct the URL to your main domain.

    Use Text Links – Image use is a good thing on any website, but refrain from using images as links. Use text links so search engine robots will be able to follow these easily.

    Publish Everywhere. Publish your information articles appearing on your website in as many directories across the Internet as possible. Almost all will provide a link back to your website that can stay active for years.

    Capture Emails. Make sure to include a “Sign-Up” feature offering either a recurring product like a monthly newsletter or, at least, a download to a valuable info product or other attractive offer. This way you will build your own “opt-in” list for future marketing purposes.

    Post in Forums. Join a forum specific to your niche. There is one! Meet the minimum posting requirements by either starting your own “thread,” or replying (comments) to others posts. Your thread and comment will typically allow a “signature” link to whatever you choose – a website, a product – or both. Get ambitious – join several!

    Exchange Info Articles. Join in article exchanges – forget link exchanges. These are pretty unreliable. However, in article exchanges you would publish another person’s info article and they would publish one of yours. These provide high quality links back to your respective websites that are useful. Check my blog in the near future for more on “High Quality Links.”

    Do Not Overuse Anchor Text. When providing several links to the same destination, change the text for each. For example, if linking to your contact page, vary the link text like contact us, give us a shout, get more info, etc.

    Provide a Site Map. The main benefit for using a site map is to provide viewers with an overview of all areas available to visit on one page. Navigating to a site map can allow a visitor to find a specific area that may be “hidden” under a hierarchical page structure that is not revealed simply by looking at your main navigation links.

    Of course there is much more to effective SEO and yes, each site will present a need for some techniques applied while restraining from using others. However, use these tips to effectively help improve your website ranking.

    Get a quote today for your Search Engine Optimization needs!