Writing the right words for your website

The information you place on your website has become quite the hot topic in recent years. Use of websites for the dissemination of knowledge has come a long way since the days when putting text on your page was never guided by any type of considerations. All that has changed. Your content is the absolute number one priority that should be focused upon when not only creating your website, but updating and maintaining it as well. Your website words need not only be written well, but your words have to be chosen in such a way that makes your site much more effective.

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Choose Interesting Words – Decide what information on your website is the most important for your visitors to see. Always make sure that your content copy is written toward your visitor’s interest.
  • Use The Right Search Phrases – Every person using a search engine has in their mind an image of what they’re looking for when they type in a keyword or phrase. This is sometimes called a ”trigger.” This is where the seeker inputs a word or combination of words into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Typically, most seekers use words that are intuitive. The same word should be ones that are used in your content copy-writing. A good example might be if someone uses the search phrase such as ”wine glasses” and you do offer these on your site, but you have categorized them as ”alcohol beverage containers.” Research the words people are using to find the same products and services you offer and employ these in your content copy.
  • Use words that focus on localization- If you run a Jewelry Store in Delaware, you should focus on creating content that emphasizes that your store is located in Delaware. Chances are,  people will search for a local business first to meet their needs.  We did this for one of our clients and it’s made all the difference with their website traffic.

If you do not feel comfortable creating your own content copy, employ a professional such as Sour Dough Communications. Your words are extremely important and you should provide only the best, professionaly written content.

Author: Demetrius Pinder

Owner and Project Manager of Nuts and Bolts Web Design. Computing Support Specialist II at the University of Delaware. Adjunct Professor. Proud Husband, Father and dog owner!