Use More than Just Your Brain to Choose a Domain Name

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Thousands of articles have been written about marketing – both online and off.  None have offered a 100 percent for “dummies only” process that anyone could easily follow and implement correctly. Many overlook the most profound and fundamental SEO technique that sets you apart from other site owners who overlook this step – choosing a good domain name.

What’s in a Name?

Hey – this is an important step on your road to millions. (Visualize the mansion, cars, planes, boats, etc.) Don’t worry if it takes a while to arrive at the right domain name and, do not attempt going it alone. Have a conference. Invite your peeps and your peeps’ peeps. Have a kegger and the only entry ticket is people have to contribute a suggestion for a killer domain name. Use what your friends and relatives throw up on the wall looking to see if any stick.

Go Generic

Place your primary keyword in a generic-based domain name so if, for example, you are selling pets in San Francisco, try or Choosing a generic name will fulfill two purposes:

  • It attracts a more focused targeted audience. Targeted audiences produce greater conversion rates that allows you to make better use of the traffic you do get.
  • Generic domain names using primary keywords help induce higher search engine ranking.

Creativity May Be The Key

There are so many domain names on the Internet today that you may have to crank up a little more creative process so you can use your keywords in your choice. Let’s say, for example, SanFranciscoPets. com is taken already – play around with a number of different versions. Try, for instance, or Keep in mind you can use hyphens in your choice of domain names. This may allow you the opportunity to always use a keyword and, an important point, allows use of the much preferred suffix, .com. Always use .com because 99 percent of searchers will type it in even if presented by a search engine with a different suffix.

Purchase your domain name through Nuts and Bolts Web Design for $14.99/yr.

Author: Demetrius Pinder

Owner and Project Manager of Nuts and Bolts Web Design. Computing Support Specialist II at the University of Delaware. Adjunct Professor. Proud Husband, Father and dog owner!