MS SQL Server 2008 Hosting

MS SQL 2008 hosting

The MS SQL 2008 database option can be added to our web hosting accounts.
To order a new web hosting account review our web hosting plans.
The MS SQL 2008 database can be added to a hosted domain by logging into the Control Panel and choosing the MS SQL link.


Size Price Setup Fee
25MB $ 10.00/month $0.00
50MB $ 15.00/month $0.00
100MB $ 20.00/month $0.00
255MB $ 30.00/month $0.00
500MB $ 50.00/month $0.00

**Platinum plans can have 1 free 100MB SQL 2008 database.


Q: Is the MS SQL Database pricing the same for non-profit sites?

A: Yes
Q: Can I have more than 1 MS SQL database?

A: Yes. The pricing is per MS SQL database.
Q: How can I connect to the SQL server database?

A: You can connect with SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer or MS Visual Interdev or with our MS SQL database manager tool.
Q: Do you charge a setup fee for setting up the MS SQL database?

A: On March 24, 2009 we eliminated the MS SQL setup fees for any MS SQL database setup on or after this date.